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  • Step 1. Is your project part of the 2045 LRTP and in your Local CIP?
    Project is included in 2045 LRTP?

    and one of the following...
    Capital Improvement Program?

     CIP Page # or reference number:   


    Other Approved System Master Plan?

    Plan Name:        

    Adoption Date:  
    Open the calendar popup.

    Page # or URL:   

     Select (only one) Cost Feasible Funding Category   

    *NOTE: Include Priority Project Checklist (Attachment G) in Step 6.
  • Step 2. Enter your Project Information
    Contact Information

    Project Limits:  

  • Step 3. Create your Project
    Please use the map to zoom to your project location. When ready, click button below to begin creating your project on the map.

    Select type of project location: Segment   Point

    Please review your project in the map. If satisfied with the result, please submit using button below. If you need to make changes, just remove the feature and start over.

  • Step 4. Select Type of Network
    Please select the type of network that is associated with your project.

  • Step 5. Pre-Application questions
    MPO Supplemental Questions:
    The following questions are part of MPO Supplemental: Detailed Project Scope. Your input is appreciated.

     1. Does the project provide new pedestrian crossing?
     2. Does the project include construction or improvement of sidewalks or trails?
     3. Does the project include construction or improvement of bicycle facility?
     4. Does the project include operational improvements?
     5. Does the project improve accessibility to transit?
     6. Does the project address ADA compliance issues in relation to transit?
     7. Does the project include transit shelters at bus stop?
     8. Does the project require environmental permitting?
     9. Does the project include elements that improve resiliency?
     10. Is the project a recommendation of an MPO or FDOT feasibility study?
     11. Is project identified as a Technology Corridor?    

    Project Delivery Questions:
    1. Current Project Status    
    2. Project Cost Sharing    
    3. Operational Commitment    
    4. Local Priority    
    5. LRTP Consistency    

  • Step 6. Review before scoring
    Please attach the completed application. This would include...
       - FDOT District 1 Application
       - MPO Supplemental questions
       - Priority Project Checklist (Attachment G)
    Allowed file types: .pdf

    Please review the information before submitting your project for scoring. Make any necessary edits before submitting.

    Project Details:
    Project is part of LRTP and Local CIP:

    Project Limits:

    Contact Name:

    Contact Email:


    Project Geometry:

    Network Type:


    Attachment A: Pre-Application Questions
    Edit Section
    Project provides new pedestrian crossing:
    Project includes sidewalk/trails improvements:
    Project includes bicycle facility improvements:
    Project includes operational improvements:
    Project improves accessibility to transit:
    Project addresses ADA compliance issues:
    Project includes transit shelters at bus stop:
    Project requires environmental permitting:
    Project improves resiliency:
    Project is recommendation of MPO/FDOT feasibility study:

    Project Delivery Questions
    Edit Section
    Current Project Status:
    Project Cost Sharing:
    Operational Commitment:
    Local Priority:
    LRTP Consistency:

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